UBL2 Constitution

I. Mission Statement: The Universal Baseball League 2 (UBL2) uses Sierra Fantasy Pro Sports Baseball '98 to provide a fun, free simulation league for the enjoyment of the owners.

The game does not need to be owned, but it is encouraged.

II. League Overview: The UBL2 consists of two leagues, the Akers League and the Link League (AL, LL) and is made up of divisions named after owners from the original UBL

While FPS '98 does not include the actual cities in non-North American countries, we selected a city that has a close weather pattern if applicable. If there are problems, or you've got a better choice, contact the commissioner.

The following cities may not be used as a "nearest city" due to elevation :
Albuquerque, Asheville, Bismark, Boise, Denver, Dodge City, Helena, Lender, Rapid City, Reno, Salt Lake City, Spokane
All of these cities are above 1500 ft. in the game. That does not mean you cannot call you team one of those cities, just understand that the "nearest city" for your team will be different than one of those.

Fenway Park and the Kingdome also may not be used due to errors in the game as home stadium models

There is no interleague play until the UBL2 Championship.

The Designated Hitter will be used in both leagues.

III. Drafting: The computer will handle the initial draft, which will use randomly generated players assembled into a team. Owners will draft an entire team when it is their turn during the initial draft. Initial Draft order will be determined based on a yet to be defined criteria. Any unowned teams at the conclusion of the initial draft will become PC owned and operated until a human owner can be found for them.

Amateur picks will be awarded based on seasonal performance, with the worst team picking first. Computer owned teams will also participate in the amateur draft picking in the slot designated by their finish but will be drafted using the BBPro '98 game selection preference. BBPro '98 has a feature where what is deemed "The PC Pick List" is available prior to the draft.

Amateur draft picks can be traded up to 1 season in advance.

IV. Collusion: Collusion is the owning of two teams by one person. This will not be tolerated. If anyone is suspected by another owner of colluding, the commissioner will come to a decision. Think "zero tolerance."

The Commissioner will handle all trade protests.

V. Trading: There is no limit on how many players can be traded between teams. Draft picks in the amateur draft and free agent draft can also be traded.

Trades are not official until both parties send the trade to the commissioner (this should be obvious, but this means that both teams need to send the details of the trade, including players received and given, to the commissioner).

Annual Trading deadline is July 31st.

The parties involved in the trade need to submit justified rosters as well as the players traded in their emails to the Commissioner. Any trades sent in without corresponding roster moves will have the required roster moves performed at the commissioner's discretion.

VI. Free Agency: Players will become free agents at ages 29 and 34. Their age is determined on January 1 of that particular season. In other words any players' birthday during the season will not affect their free agency status until the following year.

At the beginning of every season the annual Free Agent Draft will commence with the draft order being reverse order of finish the previous season. The draft will be one round and teams may trade for free agent draft picks to obtain more than one selection in any given draft

Teams will not be able to protect any player at age 29 or 34 execpt with a "lifetime protected" player designation (see below).

Each team will be able to designate one "lifetime protected" player prior to the player reaching age 25. The player will be ineligible for free agency throughout their career. Once a "lifetime protected" player is selected a new "lifetime protected" player may not be chosen unless the designated player is traded, there is an ownership change for that team, or the player retires. Teams are not forced to specify a "lifetime protected" player. Any new owner coming into the league will be able to specify a "lifetime protected" player when joining if they choose.

VII. Deadbeat Owners: Each owner is expected to participate in the day-to-day activities of his/her team. If the commissioner does not hear from an owner for 30 days, the owner will receive a notice. If the owner does not respond to the notice within the allotted time on the message, then the owner may be removed at the commissioner's discretion.

VIII. Ownership criteria: Owners must have a valid email address.

IX. Drafting:The Amateur draftees will be created by the commissioner and will be comparable to talent already existing in the league.

Owners may not trade amateur picks further than one season following the current season. In other words you may trade this year's and next year's picks. No further.

VIII. Simulations: Seven games will be simmed on Wednesday and Sunday of each week. Sim schedule may vary dependent on Commissioner availability.

X. Movement:

      Stadium: 7 years.
      Can change before then (AFTER 5 YEARS), but it costs a first-round ammy
      pick. (if they have traded the pick, they can't move)
      City: 15 years.
      Can change after 10-- costs a 2nd and 3rd round pick (no first-rounder)
      Can change after 7--costs a first round pick

      New owners, of course, can change their stadium at the beginning of their first full season.
      If a new owner wants to change their city:
      A) Must be approved by the Commissioner
      B) Must be at the start of a new season. No mid-season changes

X. Spring Training: Spring Training allocations will be determined by computer

XI. Miscellaneous:

  • The archive file is available via link on the league website or email upon request
  • The Commissioner agrees not to abuse his power. In the case of a circumstance that power is abused, retribution shall be put up for a vote.
  • Emails will be sent out periodically by the Commissioner. If a policy question is brought up in the emails, league owners are expected to respond.
  • There will be no injuries in the UBL2
  • There will be no trading with computer-owned teams.
  • Trading deadline is July 31st, non-negotiable.
  • One email per team per sim period is all that will be allowed when dealing with roster changes, lineup moves, free agent claims, trades, etc. Any superfluous emails will be deleted.
  • All points of this Constitution can be amended by a majority vote of the league owners, or by consensus of the commissioner.
  • Players cannot be in LOW over age 26 or with any Act experience.
  • Owners may change the fielding position for free of 1 player each season. If an owner chooses to change position of a second player, it will cost a 1st round draft ammy pick that season
  • Players may only be in the lineup at their primary position. You may NOT play players out of their primary position.
  • Stadium changes, team name changes, and any team movement must take place after the season ends.
  • Playoff rosters are limited to 25 men. Rosters can be manipulated between playoff rounds.
  • BBPro '98 (the game itself) will determine end of season award winners and all-star rosters